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Liqpharm is a young Polish cosmetics company founded in 2014. Acting with pharmaceutical standards, we create products, main objectives of which are high concentration of active ingredients, thoughtful composition, and scientific approach to the recipe. The use of available dermatological and pharmaceutical knowledge allowed us to obtain highly effective anti-aging LIQC Dermocosmetics.

"We remember the basic principles of skin physiology and try to follow the rule that "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler". We rely on the power of acids and vitamins, which at high concentrations allows to achieve results in the first weeks of use. Reduction of hyperpigmentation, stimulation of collagen synthesis, reduction of fine wrinkles, improvement of hydration or restoration of skin glow are special tasks for which we do not need of modern discoveries and exotic ingredients. The strength of vitamins A, C and E, hyaluronic acid or glycolic acid is invaluable here." Wojciech Sawczuk

We are currently focusing on the development of the LIQC Dermocosmetic, but soon we are planning to launch UBBU The Pharmacy Supply. We cordially invite you to follow the news.


Wojciech Sawczuk

Pharmacist and founder of the LIQPHARM project. Responsible not only for the company's image but also for the introduction of pharmaceutical standards in the production processes. By combining his knowledge and creative passion, he focuses on inventing new products which strength lies in the active and powerful composition.

Magdalena Górska-Ponikowska

Doctor of Medical Sciences of the Medical University of Gdansk, working closely with the LIQPHARM projects. The scientific sense and the medical knowledge allow her to consult the most difficult recipes and discuss their real technological problems.

Judyta Harasimowicz

Head of the Liqpharm Sales Department. Her mission is to create good relations with distributors, launch dermocosmetics to the pharmaceutical and modern market and promote our brand abroad. Unconventional thinking allows her to create groundbreaking plans.